WARNING: This Offer Is ONLY For Hypnotherapists, Coaches & NLP's Serious About Making Money
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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Hit 5-6 Figures Per Month, Leverage Your Time, Become A Market Influencer & Be Seen As The Next Industry Guru 
"How do you go from earning 6 figures per year working face to face with clients to 5-6 figures per month with your own life changing program or group coaching program (no more face to face clients) and has you become the next guru in your industry (Anthony Robbins who?) It sounds crazy right? But it is the NEXT evolution in your business you must take
Why This Program Is Pretty Much Like Making...
Battle tested and proven results

The methods taught in the Therapy Maximiser Program™ have been battle tested and proven with over 185 students around the world. The program has helped hundreds of people quit their jobs, and created dozens of people making $10,000-$50,000 or more per month.
These students are awarded the "$10K-$250K Club Award" for their success with the program. 
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The Therapy Maximiser Program™
The Therapy Maximiser Program shows you how to 10X income, impact and success
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From The Desk Of Scott Jansen
Adelaide - South Australia

"You must give away free sessions, have low prices, build a website, get more certifications, have an office, payments plans, host Meetups and sell multiple packs at discount prices to be successful" Says every mentor out there.
No wonder everyone is stuck
If there is one thing I have learned helping 100's of coaches and hypnotherapists go from earning less than $1000 per month to $10K-$50K per month is that you need none of the above. 

There is a NEW way of doing things that is reinventing the industry... Are you ready? 
Here's How To Apply For Your Spot In The Therapy Maximiser Program
Book your FREE strategy call to apply to the program (and to see if its a good fit for you)
  • Call: Book your strategy call with me
  • Survey: Tell me about you and your business
  • Qualify: See if we are a good match to work together
  • ​Enroll: Become the next big success story!
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See The Results The Therapy Maximiser Program Students Are Having Daily
WARNING: This Offer Is ONLY For Hypnotherapists, Coaches & NLP's Serious About Making Money
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